Shining Force, The REAL Select Few

October 31st, 2012 by , under Guild Wars 2.

The Shining Force Guild Wars 2 chapter is steamrolling ahead with its expansion plans. We've recently adopted over 10 new recruits and a mini guild has agreed to merge with us for more domination. Tonight Shining Force ran its first guild event in World versus World. The focus was on teaching and educating our newer players on the nuances of WvW combat. With our very own Commander (congrats Shortes!) S*F ran amuck in the Eternal Battlegrounds hitting deep behind enemy lines and taking siege camp and dolyaks from enemies deep behind their lines.

Our initial effort at sneaking into a fully upgraded Blackgate tower met with near success. We used supply stolen from a nearby camp and constructed three catapults to take down the wall of Mendons Keep to 30%. Luck was not on our side, however, and unfortunately 2 Blackgate Invaders stumbled across our siege. They quickly rallied the entire Blackgate zerg force of over 50 and steamrolled the valiant Shining Force effort.

We quickly moved on and assisted in the taking of several keeps, largely to our hit and run tactics, were able to move Stormbluff Isle into 2nd place for the week. With our score secured, we moved our efforts into the jumping puzzle in the Eternal Battlegrounds. Against 2 large organized forces of Jade Quarry and Blackgate Invaders, we are able to not only defeat those camping the entrance looking for easy kills, but also to pull down those camping at the top of the puzzle. With the enemy out of the way, our educational WvW tour taught all of the new players how to get to the top!

All involved had a great time during the 6 hour stretch that we ran. Laughs were had, lessons learned and countless enemies grew to respect the prowess of the newest Shining Force chapter.

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