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Why join Shining Force? Shining Force is a multi-gaming guild that has been around for over 10 years.  We have rules, methodologies and structures in place to make sure that as little drama occurs in the guild as possible, and if it does, it’s quickly stamped out.  The administration of the guild tries to bring as much clarity and order to the way we do things so that there isn’t confusion or fear of bias.  We provide a community environment where gaming takes priority, and you can meet new allies who can turn into longstanding friends.  The one thing you can trust is, this guild will be here in the next 10 years, so in whatever game we’re playing you’re sure to find a reliable and upstanding community. How can I join? The process of joining S*F is somewhat unique.  Because we play in multiple games at once, we have two levels of membership.  The first is a basic chapter membership, which means you’re a part of the guild in a specific game only.  You’ll have access to forums in that particular game, and will need to re-apply to S*F in other games.  After you’ve been a member of the guild in that way for around a month, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for full guild membership.  This provides full access to the guild’s forums, and you’re then welcome to play with S*F in any of it’s games (other benefits also apply, which won’t be mentioned here). With this invite style we provide our gaming guilds the flexibility they need to recruit members, while also maintaining the integrity of our longstanding core member base.  If you’re interested in becoming a member of our guild, please click the appropriate chapter link: World of Warcraft