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 At the lobby bar next door on Thursday afternoon, Mark Virnich, a 26-year-old from Baton Rouge, La., was waiting for other members of his World of Warcraft guild, called Shining Force. He said he had been playing with the group since 2004, including during two tours with the Army in Iraq, but he had never met his fellow players in person.

“We’ve been talking about coming for years, and I finally got back from Iraq and I’m like, ‘We’re going!’ ” he said. “We’ve got people coming from Nebraska, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas. We’ve got a few different couples that met in the guild and got married.”

He waved toward the convention center, where thousands of people were standing in line waiting to pick up their attendance badges in advance of the doors’ opening the next morning.

“This is definitely a cathartic experience being around so many people who also love what you love,” Mr. Virnich said. “What keeps people playing these kinds of games is the community, and for us to have the chance to all come together is just awesome.”

What you see written above, is an excerpt from the NY Times article Best Friends, in Fantasy and Reality which features an interview which took place at Blizzcon earlier this year with one of our long-time members, Caddar. Way to go Mr. Virnich, now our master plan for world domination is almost complete.

Raffle Event! (0)

August 23rd, 2009 by , under Uncategorized.

I’m going to try and keep up the weekly events, so I reckon it’s a good chance to try an old fashioned raffle.  Here are the details:


1st – 5000g
2nd – 2500g
3rd – 1000g

Ticket Cost

50g each


You can buy as many tickets as you want.  The buying phase of the raffle will go on for 6 days, culminating in a live draw in game on Sunday, August 30th, 10pm (server time).  If you can’t be at the live drawing that’s alright, the prize can be collected any time.  If you win a prize, your tickets are removed from consideration for the subsequent drawing (ex: if you get the first place prize, you’re not eligible for the 2nd or 3rd place stuff).

Proceeds of the ticket buying will go towards funding of future weekly events (I’m not making any profit off of this).  This raffle is open to anyone interested in participating (guilded or not– though I don’t think we get many non-guildies visiting this board anyway).

You can send your gold, and a note of how many tickets you’d like to:

    Disciple (H – Mal’Ganis)

A final note about the legality, I consulted with customer service about hosting raffles in WoW, and it’s perfectly acceptable within the ToS.  Feel free to check for yourself if you have any doubts.

Shining Force Blog Up (0)

August 10th, 2009 by , under Uncategorized.

Ok, I finally got around to setting up a blog for the guild.  We’ve been trying to look for ways to expand the SF user experience beyond just the forums, and also create something that could increase our user base beyond just our current members.  Anyway, SF has a lot of seasoned gamers that have seen the ins and out of every kind of game, and we’ve been playing together since EQ was released.  This blog’s goal is to give our long-time SF members (and others) a chance to write on various gaming subjects.

If you’re interested in writing anything for the blog, or in becoming a regular author, send me a pm on the boards and we can see about working something out.