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Heroes of Newerth (0)

August 26th, 2009 by , under Reviews.


Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is a new game in development by S2 Games. HoN is a stand-alone game based on the popular Warcraft III campaign, Defense of the Ancients. The game is currently in a semi-open beta, and is available for pre-order for $30.

The main goals of HoN was to address many shortcomings of DOTA, specifically limitations imposed by the aging Warcraft III engine. The game has an improved graphics engine, in-game voice, ladder and rating systems, improved online lobby, clan system, and other features.


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360 Raiders

I’ve always wanted to play Raiden Fighters naked. However, due to the public nature of arcades and the tendencies for cops to show up with clubs, being naked never happened.

This weekend, my dream came true. Not only did i play Raiden Fighters naked, but I also played Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet in an all-inclusive package called Raiden Fighter Aces for the Xbox 360.

Since this is my first Shining Force review, I’ll explain how this is going to work. I’m not going to assign this game a number value that tells you how good it is in less than two digits. I’m simply going to tell you what was WIN and what was FAIL in the game.

Time to get Hordy. (more…)

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Aion Flying Follow-up (0)

August 20th, 2009 by , under Reviews.

Flying Information

Wings become available at level 10, when you ascend and become a Daeva. Activating your wings has a small cool down, which I believe is under 10 seconds. You have a base flight time limit of approximately one minute, and as soon as you finish flying, it begins to recharge. Various items such as rings or amulets may have stat bonuses such as “Increases flying time by 3%.”, and there are upgraded wings you can purchase for your “Wing” equipment slot, which can double or more your flight time while also providing other bonuses.

Whenever your flight time is about to run out, and potentially drop you like a rock from the sky and kill you, a warning noise will sound. This alert is also heard by your group and/or raid, so that everyone is aware that they may need to stop so a member can rest their flight time. A tone also sounds when your flight activation cool down becomes available again.

Wings can be used in two fashions: Outright flying, and gliding.


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Aion Review (0)

August 19th, 2009 by , under Reviews.


Let me start off by noting that I was not involved in the previous five Closed Beta Tests. As a result, I cannot comment on any improvements that have been made by NC Soft between the CBTs, although I personally wish I could as that would help show how well NC Soft is addressing issues. My understanding however is that each CBT has been an clear improvement.

Aion: The Towers of Eternity (Just Aion for North America) is an MMORPG developed and published by NC Soft. This is the same company behind Guild Wars and Lineage, and there is a lot of similarities between those games and Aion in terms of artistic direction and other features.

Aion has been on the market for sometime, originally released in Korea in November 2008, and later in China. The CBTs have been running as version 1.0, but the official retail release in North American will coincide with the release of version 1.5. The release date is currently scheduled for September 22nd. Pre-orders can begin playing on September 20th.

I’m going to start off by describing the game’s background, factions, classes, etc. If you’re already familiar with this, you’ll probably want to skim past, and I’ll start talking about my time playing and some of the major difference I see between the game and World of Warcraft, which has captured a fair number of us for extended periods the past five years.


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