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Raffle Results (0)

August 31st, 2009 by , under World of Warcraft.

Well the raffle concluded today.  We had a grand total of two entries, and a total of 4 tickets purchased!  Not a lot of participation, so I can either assume everyone is already rich enough, or people haven’t caught on that reading the blog = free gold.

In any case, our winners were:

1st place – Cradexw – 5000g prize

2nd place – Bakana – 2500g prize

3rd place – Unclaimed – 1000g prize

Stay tuned for more events!

Raffle Event! (0)

August 23rd, 2009 by , under Uncategorized.

I’m going to try and keep up the weekly events, so I reckon it’s a good chance to try an old fashioned raffle.  Here are the details:


1st – 5000g
2nd – 2500g
3rd – 1000g

Ticket Cost

50g each


You can buy as many tickets as you want.  The buying phase of the raffle will go on for 6 days, culminating in a live draw in game on Sunday, August 30th, 10pm (server time).  If you can’t be at the live drawing that’s alright, the prize can be collected any time.  If you win a prize, your tickets are removed from consideration for the subsequent drawing (ex: if you get the first place prize, you’re not eligible for the 2nd or 3rd place stuff).

Proceeds of the ticket buying will go towards funding of future weekly events (I’m not making any profit off of this).  This raffle is open to anyone interested in participating (guilded or not– though I don’t think we get many non-guildies visiting this board anyway).

You can send your gold, and a note of how many tickets you’d like to:

    Disciple (H – Mal’Ganis)

A final note about the legality, I consulted with customer service about hosting raffles in WoW, and it’s perfectly acceptable within the ToS.  Feel free to check for yourself if you have any doubts.

Wondrous!  At last the remaining ingredients for my elixir were found!  With a jump to my step I retired to my laboratory to concoct this mysterious potion.  Unfortunately, the results veered away from the expected result.  After careful preparation and deliberation, I found that the combination and consummation of this elixir left me in quite a bit of consternation and constipation!   Ah well, better luck next time.

But to the filling of this order, I give tremendous thanks to a worthy and noble Defac!  Rising above his competitors and obtaining all the ingredients from the original sources is no easy task, so enjoy a hearty pat on the back and the well-earned reward of 10,000 gold!

For any other would-be treasure hunters, fear not, I may yet have need of additional resources from precarious locations…

A’hoy, I have a proposition for any gold-hungry or knowledgeable travelers.  Throughout my time in Azeroth I have come to know of a particular and unique combination of ingredients, that when combined, provide a rather remarkable elixir.  Truth be told, I’m not sure whether the speculations I have will come to any fruition, but the promise entices me to try.  Unfortunately, as old and weathered as I am, the method of obtaining these unique items is far beyond me.   With my considerable wealth I hope to employ savvy adventurers and loresman in the hopes of gaining these items, difficult as it may be.

While the true nature of the items and the manner of their combination remains my closely guarded secret, I am able to share a few of the defining properties of these artifacts.

Elixir Ingredients

  • Runic Stone – The runic stone is a rather curious piece of ancient geology.  The unique combination of Silithid construction fluid mixed with the dark magic of C’thun has permeated some of the rocks around the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj.  By grounding up the stone, the properties held within can be harnessed.
  • Crocolisk Tail – Surprisingly, the many crocolisk of Azeroth are unable to produce an intact tail when killed.  The bone structure is so tightly infused, that detaching it from the beast is almost certain to destroy it in the process.
  • Hourglass Sand – Nefarian’s lair, while now empty and ruinous, was once a gathering of spirts and ghosts, all fallen and reborn to fight anew.  Through this constant struggle of death and rebirth, the denizens of the dungeon would collect the remains of these warriors, which in the lair of dragons, was seldom more than ash.  Now, it’s more conveniently called Hourglass Sand to remind us of what little time one had in the realm of dragons.

Elixir Utensils

  • Greater Scarab Coffer Key – The Silithid have a particularly unusual way of protecting valuables.  Once an older member of the hive has past his years of use, the other members will dismember him, while alive, and hollow out the insides to create a makeshift cache.  A key is then forged from the leftover limbs that is unique to the newly crafted husk.  It also makes a good spoon.
  • Empty Venom Sac – The problem with holding a mixture of this volatility is that the containers rarely last long before dissolving in a huff of smoke and dust.  This problem can be alleviated by using the very useful venom sac of a scorpid, which when emptied, provides a malleable yet reliable flask.
  • Ingenious Toy – I’m sorry but I don’t know much about this item.  I had heard rumours of a relative of Jepetto Joybuzz creating a toy that was quite unlike any toy ever made.  The toy itself was useless of course– but the parts were said to hold a mystery unto themselves.  Unfortunately it disappeared around the time the great plague swept through the Eastern Kingdoms.
  • Brilliant Chromatic Scales – I did indeed profuse my respect for the resilience of the scorpid venom sac.  I am however also quite concerned about the uniqueness of the mixture and what strange effects it would have once combined.  A few of the chromatic scales lining the edges should alleviate my worry though, just as a precaution of course.

Now, I don’t deny this is a tall order.  Anyone who is willing to look through vendors, dungeons, and scrupulous traders to meet this request will be amply rewarded.  To the first person who sends a mail with the following to:

Character: Disciple
Server: Mal’ganis
Faction: Horde

  • 3 x Runic Stone
  • 4 x Crocolisk Tail
  • 10 x Hourglass Sand
  • 2 x Greater Scarab Coffer Key
  • 5 x Empty Venom Sac
  • 1 x Ingenious Toy
  • 5 x Brilliant Chromatic Scale

I will  reward with 10,000 gold pieces.  Any one else who completes the requisition after the first successful submission may also receive a small consolation for their troubles, to be decided after the completion of the task.

This venture is open to anyone reading this message, and in three days time I will report it’s result.  Should the aforementioned task be incomplete at that time, I will broaden my search for individuals willing to take on this arduous mission.

Shining Force Blog Up (0)

August 10th, 2009 by , under Uncategorized.

Ok, I finally got around to setting up a blog for the guild.  We’ve been trying to look for ways to expand the SF user experience beyond just the forums, and also create something that could increase our user base beyond just our current members.  Anyway, SF has a lot of seasoned gamers that have seen the ins and out of every kind of game, and we’ve been playing together since EQ was released.  This blog’s goal is to give our long-time SF members (and others) a chance to write on various gaming subjects.

If you’re interested in writing anything for the blog, or in becoming a regular author, send me a pm on the boards and we can see about working something out.