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One Buggy Fight (0)

December 13th, 2012 by , under World of Warcraft.

State of the Chapter: December (0)

December 9th, 2012 by , under Guild Wars 2.

This is the December roundup for Shining Force's Guild Wars 2 Chapter!

Following in the precedent of the WoW chapter back in the day, I decided to bring back the tradition and roundup what's been going on in the Guild Wars 2 chapter. Lots of exciting changes have occurred very recently in this new addition to the Shining Force community. Lets start off with some new changes to Chapter policy.

Shining Force hit the ground running with Guild Wars 2. We knew right off the bat that we wanted to take things very slowly for this game, especially after what happened with the dismal performance of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Within two months the chapter had basically fallen to pieces due to a general abandonment not only of SF members but also the general player base. While the reasons behind this failure warrant another post, needless to say those things have NOT happened in Guild Wars 2.