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Tonight Shining Force formed a massive raid to defeat the new 40 man world bosses, Sha of Anger and Galleon Salyis’s Warband.

And Shining Force took 2 Realm Firsts this expansion! Jewelcrafting by Eazycheeze and Engineering by Themeowmeow. And Congratulations to Dizzlex for taking guild first 90!

Guild Wars 2 is Here! (0)

September 4th, 2012 by , under Guild Wars 2.

Well I'm a little late on this post, but Guild Wars 2 was released last week to hordes of excited players. Several existing S*F members picked up the game and along with friends have been playing on the Stormbluff Isle server. I think most would agree with me, that while the game still has a few minor issues to iron out, it is on a whole excellent and will most likely define how MMO's are made in the future. I hope that more old and new members alike will continue to pick up the game and join us for the awesomeness that is GW2.